Your paella is ready in just 18 minutes! Your main dish is ready to cook.
With "El Paeller" Chef Rafa Margós has for you the broth and all the necessary ingredients for two people, to enjoy an authentic paella in less than 20 minutes.
  • Accesories

    Accesories (4)

    Accessories to prepare paellas Complements for your best Paella experience.
  • El Paeller

    El Paeller (4)

    Paella Kists for Sale The prepared online paella "El Paeller" by Rafa Margós is the perfect kit so you can enjoy the authentic Valencian paella. Rafa has prepared the main part of the dish for you, and you can easily prepare an excellent paella in just 18 minutes. Each pack contains the ingredients, rice and the broth of a Paella…
  • Paella broth

    Paella broth (5)

    Paella broth
  • Paella Gas Burnes

    Paella Gas Burnes (14)

    Paella Gas Burnes The best Premium Quality gas burners, in domestic and professional versions.
  • Paella Pans

    Paella Pans (14)

    The best quality steel Paella Pans, directly from Valencia.
  • Riuet Paella Rice

    Riuet Paella Rice (14)

    Paella Rice: Riuet Directly from "La Albufera" the best varieties to prepare the authentic Paella.

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Welcome to “Paella & Co.”, a place where you can find everything about your favorite dish, Paella. Buy the best paella packs, paella pans and paelleros, gas paella burners for professionals and amateurs. All this, together with Riuet rice, the excellent rice that will make the difference between the ingredients in the preparation of your Paella.

Enjoy the authentic Valencian paella learning with El Paeller, Rafa Margos makes it easy for you and gives you the opportunity to become a paella master in 18 minutes, to enjoy it with friends or family.

If you want to live the experience, do not forget to visit our online store where you can buy everything you need to cook Paella.

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To be a Master Paella Chef in 18 minutes with "El Paeller"
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We contacted Paella & Co. to implement Paella cooking in our restaurant with spectacular results!
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Since I did my Erasmus in Valencia I learn how to prepare the original Paella, now thanks to Paella & Co. I can easily get the best ingredients and kitchenware to enjoy a great Paella experience with my loved ones.
It was long time till I could find a "one stop shop" for everything about my favorite dish....the Paella. Thanks Paella & Co!
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