Flames VLC” is a manufacturer of gas burners, gas paella burners and accessories. Their specialitys are industrial gas Paella burners and gas burners for professional aplications. They also have a wide range of accessories.

Its products are mainly used in four sectors: hotels and restaurants, catering and gastronomic events, artisan food industry and home and garden.

Sectors where the gas burners they manufacture are used

Outdoor burners – T Series: these are the classic gas Paella burners to enjoy with family, friends…

Indoor burners – TT Series: these are the industrial Paella burners for professionals in the hotel, restaurant, catering, artisan food industry and gastronomic events.

Industrial burners – O and M Series: this series is made up of gas burners that are unique in the world, designed for restaurants, catering, the artisan food industry (distillation, craft beer, preserves, ready meals…) and gastronomic events.

They are manufacturers of giant Paella pans, which also have the certificate of craftsmanship of the “Valencian Community”.

Accessories for paella pans or paella burners

They offer a variety of products to complete and facilitate the use of the Paella burner, such as legs, windbreaks, rotisseries…

Quality, an objective, a goal.

Quality, certification and homologation of the industrial gas burners and Paella burners that they manufacture.
As a manufacturer of gas burners and Paella burners, they are concerned about offering quality burners, both classic and industrial, and for this reason, all of them are certified and also have different patented systems:

Optim System: This system can be found in the classic and industrial Paella burners of the T and TT series, and improves the distribution of the fire, provides greater power and facilitates cooking in larger diameter containers.

Pilot burner: Guarantees safety in all the rings of the TT series industrial Paella burners. This device works with a single thermocouple and a safety valve, which allows the independent use of each ring.

Burner A: Used in the most powerful gas burners they manufacture, it provides a fast and direct fire, and has a double gas-air compensating chamber.

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