Riuet: The best rice to make Paella

Rice Tradition

More than a century ago, next to the “Marjal”, several generations before the Albufera area was declared a Natural Park, their ancestors lived and worked in the wetlands. They were part of the land. They were rice farmers because generation after generation they had been part of that habitat and it had become part of their identity. They lived on rice. They lived for rice. It was a life linked to the land. It was a simple life, full of effort and craft, with solid values of respect for work and the environment. Obtaining food from the land was their commitment to life.

Knowing and loving the land is part of their identity, because they are farmers, and without their trade there would be no point in marketing their crops. Their rice is the fruit of the work of their ancestors, from their grandparents grandparents, and of their daily efforts in the present. They passed on their passion to them. They have been expanding their crop varieties to meet the new needs of the society.

Best rice for paella

Protected natural environment

The “Albufera Natural Park” is a protected natural environment. It has been the scene of the rice-growing tradition since the Middle Ages. It naturally possesses special environmental and flooding characteristics that make it ideal for rice farming. It is the habitat of which they are a part. The conditions of the environment mark the rice growing calendar. The richness of the soil and the luminosity from spring to summer accompany and nourish all the stages of plant growth, from seeding to the ripening of the spike. After the harvest, autumn and winter arrive, seasons during which the land is left fallow and flooded, promoting the regeneration of the substrate and aquatic biodiversity.

The rice of the Valencian paella

Certified quality

Riuet only packs rice and other grains of extraordinary quality. The quality of their products is guaranteed, mainly because they are farmers, and they know their environment in depth and how to produce the best product born from the land. They take great care over the whole process, because that is their reason for being. Consumers can identify quality seals on their products from official reference bodies such as the “Denomination of Origin Valencia Rice” seal and the “Natural Product” seal.

D. O. Valencia Rice: They grow native varieties of rice within the Natural Parks of the Valencian Community and their rice has the characteristics of their environment. These characteristics are certified with the Valencia Rice Designation of Origin seal, which is also a guarantee of quality.

Natural Product: The “Natural Product” seal is a distinction awarded exclusively to 100% natural products obtained and produced within the area of the Natural Parks of the Valencian Community. “Producto Natural” guarantees that the cultivation and production process is committed to the environment and the protected natural area, in accordance with sustainable economic models.

Gastronomy and habits

Rice farming has an inseparable cultural link with the gastronomic tradition of our environment. Rice is one of the basic ingredients in our diet, and there are more than 500 ways of cooking rice in the Valencian Community.

Rice goes hand in hand with the traditional ways of cooking and eating typical of the Mediterranean culture, inseparable from the knowledge of the raw material and the enjoyment of its preparation. It is a way of cooking that arises from and for the work of the countryside. Rice is the basis of a gastronomic culture that is sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Food and agriculture together give rise to a way of life: from the moment the seed is planted until the grain is cooked and diners sit down to enjoy it. This is the rice culture that, through their work, they are responsible for valuing, caring for and transmitting to everyone.

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