Does paella need to have chorizo?

The authentic paella from Valencia does not have chorizo, and no Valencian or person with experience in cooking paella would add this ingredient so unfriendly to this dish.

Why is it so widely believed that Spanish paella has chorizo?

Very simple, because paella has never had a closed list of ingredients and there are many people who have gone out of the limits when preparing an original Valencian paella.

Although there have been many, including some Valencians, who have experimented and tried new flavors by adding different ingredients to the dish, over time different types of paellas have been consolidated with some established ingredients settling the basis of an original paella.

Therefore, there have been numerous examples of recipes with chorizo even recommended by popular people, but this does not mean that it is the right way to do it.

For more information you can consult our article on the ingredients that can be included in an authentic Valencian paella.

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