We already wanted to publish our website about the traditional recipe for Valencian paella, as Valencians enjoy it on Sundays, whether in their houses, apartments, in a paellero or in their chalets.

Today we land here to give you the opportunity to taste and eat together with your family and loved ones an authentic paella from the land of Valencia, transferred to Belgium with the possibility of being distributed to other European countries.

As you already know, the traditional Valencian paella recipe is made with the typical main ingredients of chicken, rabbit, flat green bean and garrofón among others. There are those who add artichoke, snails and more, but in reality the authentic Valencian paella is only one, the only and unrepeatable.

From it, very interesting and appetizing variants emerged, depending on the season and the way of doing it. Many times, even the type of firewood to be used, that of the orange tree, is taken into account. Although burners are also used for paellas.

At the El Paeller del Paellandco we offer you a variety that you can enjoy in company. You can order a paella, make it yourself clear that with the instructions we give you and taste it, surely you will repeat.

Enjoy an unforgettable afternoon with the paellas of El Paeller, by Master Chef Rafa Margos who leaves you prepared the most important thing so that you have your paella ready in less than 20 minutes.

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