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Dénia seafood broth cooked over firewood 1L – 3L

Broth cooked on firewood with seafood from Dénia, fresh vegetables and an unmistakable touch of the morralla of the capital of the Marina Alta, certified by Pósit de Dénia.

For the preparation of this broth, Rafa Margós is committed to work to the maximum using the best local products.

To cook this excellent product, the ingredients are sautéed to the maximum to bring out all the flavor, water is added and the cooking is kept slow so that the aroma of the wood is impregnated on the broth for 90 minutes.


Then it is left to rest for about 30 minutes in the same place as the firewood so that the unmistakable wood smoke remains.

El Paeller de Dénia seafood broth is sold in a 1 liter can, guaranteeing perfect preservation for up to 24 months.

It is an ideal format for 3 or 4 diners, who will be able to enjoy the unmistakable flavor of the wood-fired broth to cook fideuas, paellas, rice dishes, stews and much more.

These elaborations do not incorporate preservatives, additives, aromas or any other industrial ingredient. It does not come from concentrates, nor from other industrial processes.


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