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T-250 Premium Quality Outdoor Paella Burner

25cm diameter gas burner, extra powerful for outdoor and domestic use. It is ideal for the preparation of rice dishes, paellas, barbecues, grills or stews.

This burner is very resistant and has a larger gas chamber.

NEW!!! 3 position tap: off, high power and low power and precise.
Model certified according to the European Regulation EU 2016/426 and the European Standards UNE EN 497 and UNE EN 437.

  • Needle valve stopcock.
  • Obstruction free.
  • Greater flame control at maximum and minimum levels.
  • Patented Optim System.
  • Increased gas output.
  • More powerful, abundant flame.
  • Lateral flame position.
  • Greater flame reach.
  • Better combustion.
  • Models certified according to European Regulation EU 2016/426 and Regulations: UNE EN 49
  • Maximum power 5,9 kw.
  • Burner diameter: 25 cm.
  • Recommended diameter of paella pan, 38 to 42 cm.
  • 1/4″ fitting, thread to the left, for gas hose connection.


This outdoor burner is more robust and has a larger gas circulation surface. It is a burner for domestic use, ideal for the preparation of rice, paella, fideuas, barbecues, roasts and stews.

The Minymum System allows more precise control of the flame at low levels facilitating the cooking process.

Model Gas Type Work pressure Kw  / Kcal/h Consumption Number of rings
T-250 Butane 29 mbar 5,9  / 5.073 0,30 kg/h 1
T-250 Propane 37 mbar 5,9  / 5.073 0,30 kg/h 1


The butane or propane burner must be connected to a gas bottle by means of a flexible tube, which must not be out of date. This will be attached to the paella burner at one end and to the 30mbar regulator attached to the bottle at the other end.

It is IMPORTANT that the paella burner must be used outdoors and must not be used with a gas other than the one for which it is intended. We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions in case of any doubt.

It is advisable to have a replacement bottle available for replacement in case of reduced performance. The maximum recommended weight is 5.50Kg, for heavier weights we recommend the use of an additional support.


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