T-380 Premium Quality Outdoor Paella Burner

38cm. Extra powerful gas burner for domestic and outdoor use. Ideal for rice dishes, paella, barbecues, grilled roasts or stews.

  • Maximum power: 11,4 kw.
  • Burner diameter: 38 cm.
  • Needle valve stopcock.
  • Obstruction free.
  • Greater flame control at maximum and minimum levels.
  • Patented Optim System.
  • Increased gas output.
  • More powerful, abundant flame.
  • Lateral flame position.
  • Greater flame reach.
  • Better combustion.
  • 1/4″ fitting, thread to the left, for gas hose connection.
  • Cooking pot capacity, 50 -150 l.

Recommended paella pan diameter or cooking pot capacity:

  • One ring lit, 28 to 38 cm. paella pan.
  • 2 rings lit, 50 to 60 cm. paella pan.

NEW!!! 3 position tap: off, high power and low power and precise.
Model certified according to the European Regulation EU 2016/426 and the European Standards UNE EN 497 and UNE EN 437.

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