One of the most frequent doubts when preparing a paella is how much rice to add. Well, the answer is that it depends on two things:

The number of people or diners for whom we are going to cook the paella.
The type of paella or rice we are going to prepare. It also varies if it is a fideuá.
We should not use the same amount of rice to make a paella as we do for a soupy or brothy rice, or the noodles in a fideua. In each type of recipe, you will need a different quantity.

But don’t worry, in this post we are going to tell you how much rice you need to add for all these cases.

We also tell you in this other post the proportion between water and rice in a paella.

How much rice per person in a paella?

The amount of rice or the number of cups of rice per person that we should put in our paella recipe is approximately 100 grams of rice per person. This would be equivalent to a glass of water, filled with rice.

In fact, using a glass to put the rice in the paella is one of the most traditional (and also the most accurate) way to avoid making a mistake in the amount of rice we should put in our paella.

This measure of 100 grams (or a glass of rice) is applicable to any paella or dry rice that we are going to cook.

How much rice per person in a rice broth?

When we are going to cook a rice broth, the amount of rice we should add is less than when making a paella or dry rice. This is because these rice dishes are served with broth and, therefore, the rice will continue to absorb the broth even after the recipe is finished.

For a rice broth, the amount of rice per person is approximately 50 grams. As a unit of measurement, we can use a coffee glass full of rice, which is smaller than a normal glass and will therefore be the appropriate measure.

How much rice per person in a mellow rice dish?

In the case of a sweet rice dish, the quantity per diner should also be less than when we are going to prepare a paella or dry rice.

In the same way as for a brothy rice, we should add about 50 grams of rice per person. Using a coffee glass full of rice.

How many noodles per person in the fideuá?

If we are talking about cooking a fideuá, again we have to add a different quantity (in this case of noodles) than if we were to prepare a paella.

In this case, we will have to add about 125 grams for each person eating the fideuá. To measure it, we can use a slightly larger glass of water than the one we usually use to measure the rice in the paella, or we can calculate how many glasses of noodles to add, bearing in mind that a full glass of water will be approximately 100 grams.

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