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Natural Rice for Paella Riuet INTEGRAL ECO/ORGANIC BROWN Rice 500Gr and 5Kg

This organic brown rice comes from the typical Spanish varieties. It is very healthy as it contains a lot of dietary fibre, vitamins and essential elements.

  • Highly recommended for healthy or vegetarian diets
  • Used for the preparation of side dishes, salads and vegetable paella
  • It is recommended to soak for a few hours before boiling
  • Boil with excess water
  • Cooking time approximately 30 minutes


It is a rice that is grown entirely in the Rojo de Valencia Natural Park.

Rice is the basis for preparing many dishes in our homes or in restaurant kitchens. In this case we want to present you the best organic rice to cook Valencian paella. Rice is one of the ingredients that can make a difference in the final result of a paella. This rice will give that point you are looking for, the pure rice from the fields of the Valencian Community.

It is a rice planted carefully in spring and during the summer it is treated with great care shoot by shoot until it grows. The climate of the area helps to get a good harvest, usually sunny.

The organic farming field is not treated with herbicides. The weeds are removed manually and the obtaining of this rice follows the rigorous controls required in the process, certified by the Organic Agriculture Committee.



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