The perfect wine to accompany a Valencian paella can be found between fruity red and fermented white wines. Although the best answer is “the one you like best“, the world of food and wine is so varied and the tastes so special for each individual that we can find endless possibilities. We are inevitably tempted to experiment and find the combination that we like best.

Another aspect to take into account when evaluating the wine that we want to choose to accompany our paella dish is the variety of paella. Although the typical paella par excellence is the traditional Valencian one, from this very popular variants have emerged and each one fits one wine more than another.

For all this, we are going to see the variety of paellas that exist and which wine to choose for each one of them.

For Valencian paella choose between fruity reds and fermented whites

This is the original recipe for paella and the star dish of every Valencian table. From which all the others owe their shape. It is made with rice, chicken and rabbit meat (some also add pork), butter, green beans, tomato, sweet pepper, olive oil, salt and saffron.

The variety of ingredients used for this dish gives different options for wine pairing. If the paella is very tasty, it is best to accompany it with a young and fruity red wine, which is served at a lower temperature. A good option for this type of paella is a mixture of tempranillo and mencía.

White wine lovers should look for a wine that is powerful on the palate and that has spent some time fermenting in the barrel, such as a chardonnay, godello or verdejo.

If we find a paella with subtle flavors, you should opt for a rosé wine, one with a good balance between freshness and acidity.

The best wine for seafood paella

It is the perfect alternative for those who do not like the combination of traditional ingredients. The seafood paella is made with squid, prawns, mussels, clams and sometimes they put a little fish on it.

Because of its delicate and delicious flavors, seafood paella demands a light and fresh wine that will not overpower its aromas. Choose a white wine made from Albariño, Verdejo or Sauvignon Blanc grapes, especially those that have not been fermented in a barrel.

The way to serve the wine for the seafood paella is well chilled, between 5ºC and 8ºC. If we have to give an opinion, an interesting one would be Txakolí or a high quality Cava.

The perfect wine for vegetarian paella or vegetable paella

Although at first glance it may seem the least tasty compared to the rest, this type of paella can be a very good choice and a delicious alternative for many palates. It also has benefits such as the low fat content and with all the nutrients of its vegetable ingredients.
When choosing a wine for vegetarian paella, we suggest a fresh and light rosé wine, something sparkling (pink or white), or a good Cava, which will provide us with a balanced and pleasant experience.

What wine to accompany with the black paella

If you are going to eat a seafood paella with its black color, flavor and consistency characteristic of squid ink or octopus, we recommend a gewürztraminer white wine or a sparkling muscat. Its powerful flavor and pleasant aromas are demanding in the choice of its wine as an accompaniment. With a sweet touch of the variety of grapes and the strong flavor of the paella make this option one of the best.

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